kate middleton leaving hospital.jpgAlert the media! Kate Middleton has been spotted shopping for maternity clothing. Reports are doing the rounds that the Duchess of Cambridge was seen doing a bit of shopping along Chelsea's King's Road on the weekend. She was reportedly browsing the racks for some stylish high street maternity wear which included a pair of jeggings from the Gap.

"She was looking for jeggings, which are jeans that look like leggings, as she said she liked very skinny jeans," a source revealed to People. "She didn't buy anything as she couldn't find the right leg length."

She then turned her attention to what was on offer at BabyGap before leaving the store with her minder in tow.

"Everyone in the store seemed to recognise her, but they all gave her space and privacy to shop", a source told the Telegraph.

After a spot of shopping, the Duchess stopped by Pret a Manager for a quick bite to eat. According to local shopkeepers it's one of her favourite places to go for a coffee with friends on weekends.

It was a rare public appearance for Kate, who has kept a relatively low profile since announcing she was pregnant in December, after being struck by a severe case of morning sickness. Now into her second trimester, the young Royal is due to give birth to her first child in July.

I wonder if jeggings and McQueen go together?