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In case you've been residing somewhere, oh... let's say for argument's sake under a rock, then you may be unaware that the second series of Girls has kicked off. Since barelling onto our TV screens last year, HBO's Girls has garnered huge attention not just from us, but also from critics too (cue: the swag of awards they recently picked up at the Golden Globes, boo-yah!).

Led by the excruciatingly talented Lena Dunham, who not only created and writes for the show but also stars in it too, Girls also has Jenn Rogien, the show's costume designer, to thank. If it weren't for Rogien adding her clever touch to the characters' outfits then we wouldn't be able to truly understand them and their myriad of bad/funny/outrageously mental decisions. Rogien sat down with Grazia UK to discuss the relief she feels about styling a "real-life character" such as Dunham's Hannah Horvath.

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On dressing Hannah Horvath, played by Lena Dunham...

  • "My concern was that she'd look ridiculous but she looks lovingly dishevelled - a direct reflection of her character."
  • Lena is fitted for her costumes by wearing Spanx (ah, a girl after our own heart!), but then wears the clothes for filming without Spanx so they appear tighter.

On dressing Jessa Johansson, played by Jemima Kirke...

  • "She's still in possession of a trust fund, so looks well-travelled and bohemian - but the characters are still on minimum wage."
  • In series two, the palazzo pants and platforms gave way to "wearing tents" and "hiding behind sofas," because Jemima Kirke was pregnant with her second child in real life.

On dressing Shoshanna Shapiro, played by Zosia Mamet...

  • "Shoshanna's is probably the most concerned with fashion of the four. Let's just say, her character probably reads US Vogue."
  • "We wanted to grow her up a little bit to reflect where she is in this series [with losing her virginity] so we tweaked her colour palette."

On dressing Marnie Michaels, played by Allison Williams...

  • "It's very much not runway driven with Marnie - we mixed high street with a few designers. However Marnie is making the biggest transition this series, moving away from Banana Republic matchy matchy to tees and Paige jeans - you can tell by the amount she wears her hair down."

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