Stuck for what to get your blog-obsessed fashionista ladyfriend? We've put together a handy (and only slightly tongue-in-cheek) guide to some of the top blogger must-haves that'll keep her sweet. You won't go far doing the rounds of the personal style blogs without stumbling across these babies, so if your girl has her own style blog - big or small - we're sure she'd love to receive anything on this list come Valentine's Day. That is, if she doesn't have them all already...

What to buy a fashion blogger for Valentine's Day

1. A Rose Gold Watch
Gone are the days of checking your phone when you need the time, or investing in timeless, subtle timepieces. Now a blogger needs a statement watch to go with her neon Zara friendship bracelets and cool little finds from Henri Bendel and Kate Spade. Right now, that means a Michael Kors (£239) or a Marc by Marc Jacobs (unless her name begins with a G, in which case you have to go with Guess). Just look at the amount of these babies that have been added to pinterest boards for more proof that this is a trend that's going nowhere. A good watch coupled with good accessories will allow your girl to take pics like this, and you'll get uber brownie points for ramping up her arm candy quota.

2. A Saint Laurent Arty Ring
It feels like every blogger has one of these chunky, weird-looking knuckle rings. How many of them are the real deal and how many cost a few quid from ebay remains to be seen. But if you want to show you understand Fash-wan, treating your lady to one of these will go a long way towards that. YSL (sorry, Saint Laurent) cocktail rings are particularly good because they're so bonkers there's no fear she'll think you're proposing. They're £180 at Net a Porter, available in loads of colours. If you're feeling particularly flush, you could get the new rose gold one, to go with one of the watches above. You big romantic, you!

3. A Chic Cambridge Satchel
A blogger often has to carry a lot around, which is perhaps why these cool takes on the classic school satchel became so popular so quickly in the blogosphere. By now you've probably seen the Google Chrome advert that explains how this family-run label began. Bloggers are even mentioned in the ads, what more could you want? The metallic satchels are the ones to snap up - they're about the disappear, but there are a few left in the sale, including our favourite lilac one. Or you could go for Valentine red, with free embossing.

4. Big Sunnies
Bloggers never turn down an opportunity to accessorize, and we're heading towards prime sunglasses season. Linda Farrow Luxe shades are super cool without being obvious. Of course, they're also £320 a pair. For something that won't suck up a month's rent, try Jeepers Peepers.

5. Jeffrey Campbell Shoes
Jeffrey Campbell's 'Lita' platform boots were so popular with heel-loving fashion bloggers looking for some extra height that they quickly got labelled 'the blogger boot' and were released again and again in new colours, textures and embellishments. Show you know we're soooo over them now by getting your gal a slightly less obvious JC style. The Grammer 2 boot has the same killer height in a slightly more streamlined shape. If you don't fancy these, keep your eye on upcoming blogger brand of choice Miista too.

6. Coco Mademoiselle
Every girl needs a posh bottle of perfume that looks as nice on her dressing table as it smells on her skin. Especially if said dressing table may frequently appear in the back of outfit shots, or in scene-setting moments of beauty blogging. Coco Mademoiselle is the younger sister to Chanel No. 5 and just happens to match all that 'bang on trend' rose gold jewellery perfectly. Just tell her she is banned from putting it on her shabby chic bedside table next to a Diptyque candle, a vintage hand mirror and a battered copy of a classic novel just for the photo op. At least not until her first Coveteur appearance.

7. A Lomography Diana Camera
"It's like real-life instagram!" squeal the fledgling bloggers not old enough to remember when you had to shoot on 35mm film and wait endlessly for them to be processed in Boots (or posted back from Tripleprint). No image-mad blogger will be able to resist the lure of the lomo and it retro, photoshop-free photos full of weird effects and double exposures. This map print Diana F+ with massive flash is £100 at Urban Outfitters. Film and accessories can be bought from the Lomography shop, but be warned - this lo-fi habit can get expensive, and you can't preview and edit the photos!

8. The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
She's probably got the original Naked Palette. Buy her the other one, which is basically the same but a bit less sparkly (matte is so 2013) and she'll love you even more than she already does. There's also a mini 'Basics' palette...but if you get her that she'll just wonder why you didn't spring for the full size. Besides, everyone is swatching the basics one right now. We don't need any more pics of brown eyeshadow on someone's hand. Naked 2 is positively vintage in comparison, darling, and we all know how much fashion bloggers love vintage.