We're still on a Golden Globes comedown (someone pass the red bull) and can't resist eking out the red carpet glamour for one more day courtesy of today's rather indulgent Dress of the Day. This princess dress from Oscar de la Renta costs more than a luxury holidays - a staggering $11,650 - but it's very pretty to look at.

It may be familiar to many of you as one of the best dresses from the 2010 Oscars...


We're not sure if the lighting is different or the retail version is slightly golder than Cameron's dress, and it also looks like she got an extra layer of sparkle with some slightly bigger appliques, but other than that this is definitely the same frock with the same 'golden floret paillettes' cascading down the bodice and skirt.

Our favourite bit is that with this $12k dress, Oscar de la Renta suggests a comparatively modest $295 pair of earrings!