Every girl must have a black leather dress. It's a simple fashion fact. And yes, even going into a Spring / Summer season. Gone are the days when an all leather ensemble looks gothic, raunchy and like you're trying a bit too hard. Leather is the new effortless way to dress, and this super simplistic shaped one from Topshop, is the perfect way to nail the look in one hit.

Topshop Leather Tshirt Dress.jpg

When it comes to something like this, it's worth investing (pleather just won't do). And for a 100% leather number, we don't think £120 is half bad. So why this one? It's all about the details, and whilst on first inspection it looks like a pretty plain buy, the dress is panelled with four sections and crossover stitching at the front. The simple round neck, structured cap sleeve and generous boxy shape complete what has to be one of the most wearable leather dresses we've seen in months.

Style it up sporty for Spring / Summer 2013 (bassicly bare legs, minimal detailing and some sort of sport themed accessory (shoes or bags?), and go luxe winter warmer for Autumn / Winter 2013 when it arrives. Take my word for it, you'll wear it over and over, season after season.

Check it out over at Topshop for £120 HERE >>