We first heard news of Victoria Beckham's new eCommerce venture in mid-December back when the exciting re-launch was announced. The new website, which we can expect to see next month, is set to offer an online store for VB's accessories, eye-wear, denim and Victoria Victoria Beckham line.

Victoria Beckham new website.jpg

Of the website, Victoria Beckham chief executive officer, Zach Duane, said "For us, this is the first step toward creating our own store environment. There are obviously already some fantastic digital stores in place so the bar to entry is very high. But we feel that we've learned a lot from the market and that we are bringing our take on what we believe is ultimately all about customer experience."

This week we have an update people! Victoria has released a seventeen second video which gives us a sneaky peek into what we can expect from the new site, and it looks pretty cool. Are you curious to see what the site will look like? Us too. Check out the video below to get an idea where Victoria speaks of the relaunch (albeit very briefly). Also make sure you head over to victoriabeckham.com where you can see Cara Delevingne twirling around doing ballet and subscribe to VB's latest updates.