Claire Danes has a habit of taking dresses that you wouldn't look twice at on a hanger and making them work incredibly well for the red carpet. She (and her stylist) have a knack for picking things that look interesting from a variety of angles, and boy does she know how to pose effortlessly on the red carpet to show that off.

Her 2013 SAG Awards gown by Givenchy is one such dress. On the rack this probably looks like a shapeless mess, but Claire is more than making it work! It's been modified a little from it's first appearance, in the Pre-Fall 2013 lookbook. The devore velvet panel on the neckline has been ditched (or at least cleverly concealed) so the attention is drawn to the batwing sleeve and the chunky graphic embellishment running down the split of the skirt. We're still not sure what that's made from - at first we thought plastic, in close-ups it looks like it's more likely to be leather.

The finishing touch, the dark lippy, is something Claire probably hasn't worn since My So Called Life. Back then, we would have copied it with Rimmel Black Cherry. Now, I bet NARS does a nice one...