Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for alexandra shulman vogue skinny model.jpgA ripple of excitement is sweeping through the publishing world with the announcement that British Vogue is set to launch a teenage version titled Miss Vogue.

The magazine is due to hit newsstands alongside the June issue of Vogue on May 6. Boasting 124 pages, the younger glossy aims to "embody the inspirational and authoritative spirit that its older counterpart is renowned for, but will talk directly to young women who love experimenting with fashion and beauty."

Miss Vogue will be created by the current British Vogue team which is headed up by Alexandra Shulman (pictured).

"All of us are really excited at the opportunity to create a slightly different Vogue for this readership," said Shulman. "We know how much they love the magazine and so I wanted to produce something that would have bespoke content for a younger audience."

Despite the excitement surrounding the publication's début, body image campaigners are hoping that Miss Vogue will adopt a responsible approach to this often controversial and sensitive issue.

"We know the media, fashion industry or advertising do not directly cause eating disorders - they are more complex than that - but it is a powerful influence, which could become part of the solution, rather than being blamed for the problem," Leanne Thorndyke, spokeswoman for the B-eat eating disorder charity, told the Guardian.

Miss Vogue will be available as a package with the June issue of British Vogue magazine with no cover price change.