We love Adele and we know that for her, it's not about fashion. Who's looking at the dress when someone's singing like that? And winning Golden Globes!

Adele knows what works for her and she has a tried-and-tested formula of black 60s-style dress, winged eyeliner and big bouffant hair that she goes back to again and again. She always looks great - simple, sophisticated, like a throwback to a time when you didn't have to flash all the cleavage and leg in the world to make it onto the TV.

But when we saw her in her custom Burberry dress at the Golden Globes tonight, we really did have to do a double-take.

Remember her Armani dress for the Grammy Awards in 2012?

adele 2012 grammy awards.jpg

Now that's what we call a signature look! Obviously we're just jealous, but if we had Giorgio and Christopher making us dresses, we'd trust them to try something a bit unusual.

We love Adele's 60s style and her Burberry dress fits her perfectly, but we'd love to just see a tiny bit of colour, a splash of print or a different sleeve occasionally!