We all have our old faithfuls, those clothes you go back to again and again because the fit and style is just perfect for your body. But eventually, they get old, they go out of style or they need a bit of a revamp. It's easier than you think to give a new lease of life to your clothes, and it doesn't take as long as you think. From simple customising to fun with dyes, here are some quick ways to make your clothes work even harder for you!


Customising doesn't have to mean tearing up, re-fitting, sewing on cheap looking applique or adding anything too drastic. Put down the glue gun and leave the glitter alone! Simple customising tricks are subtle, but make all the world of difference to a tired item that you want to revamp. Try changing the buttons on your favourite coat (gold ones give an instant Military update, or you might want to try novelty children's buttons for a touch of Zooey Deschanel-esque cuteness). Lop a few inches off the hem of a longer skirt to make it more wearable, or add a little ribbon trim around a sleeve or neckline. You can also hunt the shops for things like clip-on collars that will instantly update old clothes with no commitment.

Dye it a new colour

If your favourite piece is beginning to fade, or if you're just tired of the hue, you could consider using a dye to give it a new lease of life. Obviously this depends on the type of fabric and the original colour, but there are plenty of products out there that will do the job - visit the Dylon website for more info. This is also a great way of making a style you love work in a new way - buy multiples of a garment that fits you perfectly, and dye them to give yourself more options. When Curvy Wordy found a dress that she loved the shape of, she bought up all the stock in her size and dyed them every colour of the rainbow - it's only way to boost your wardrobe options instantly!

Wear it a completely new way

We often fall into the trap of wearing our favourite items of clothing the same way each time. You know the necklace that works with an outfit, or the shoes that match. You always wear the same colour tights with the same dresses and skirts, or you always wear a certain cardigan over the top of a blouse or dress. So next time you're pulling out an old faithful, mix it up completely. Put a jumper over your dress to make it look like a skirt, or roll up the hem of your jeans / trousers to make them look cropped. Swap boots for shoes, or heels for flats. Ditch the black separates and match (or clash) your colours for a bit of fun. Pulling that beloved item out of a style rut will give it a completely new lease of life.

Make it last longer in the wash

Ensuring you get as much wear as possible out of your favourite clothes comes down the care and attention you pay to how you look after it. As well as storing things correctly, make sure you wash everything on the right setting, at the correct temperature, and keep the colours bright as long as possible by adding one or two sheets of Colour Catcher in with the load, This will also stop any colours running in your wash, so you don't end up turning a white shirt pink thanks to a rogue pair of red knickers!

Learn to sew and make small changes

So few of us know how to sew, but it's such a useful skill to have when it comes to making your clothes work harder. If something fits you perfectly, you'll get so much more wear out of it. Learn the basics of sewing and you can do small tweaks to your clothes to make them fit your body perfectly, instead of adequately. Add darts to a top, bring in a waist, shorten a hem, unpick a seam and add a bit more ease - most jobs are fairly simple once you know the basics. A sewing machine is such a great investment and you can get a really good one for under £100 if you shop around. Working it is easier than you think - once you've learned to thread the needle, it's a piece of cake from there on in! As you get more experienced, you may want to learn pattern cutting too - then when a favourite items wears out, you can draft a pattern and sew yourself a new version!

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