We know at this time of year you need some silly stuff to keep you occupied between Christmas and New Year. So put down that turkey sandwich and take a few minutes to entertain yourself with ten of our favourite fashion-related videos. They're not all new, you might have seen some of them before, but we're pretty sure you'll enjoy seeing them all again! From Karl's cat to every clueless outfit, plus some comedy courtesy of Lanvin, Made in Chelsea and P'Trique, we've got all the bases covered here!

The Way I Dress: Mr Santa Claus

A super-smart video from Mr Porter, as a certain Mr Claus takes us through his 'signature look'. We fell hook, line and sinker for this very stylish Santa!

The Diary of Choupette Lagerfeld

"Times of nail trimmings are cause of great scandal!" - we love this bonkers look at the life of Karl Lagerfeld's cat.

The Mark Francis Super-Cool Postmodern Makeover Show

Mark Francis is our favourite thing about Made in Chelsea. Here he puts his sartorial knowledge ("I have a completely different wardrobe for St Tropez than I do for Sardinia or Cannes...") to use making over the poor unsuspecting boyfriend of a Made in Chelsea fan. If only he could remember his own name...

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say

I know we all saw this a year ago, but it's still brilliant. Sorry, not brilliant, HASHTAG TOTES AMAZE.

Every outfir Cher Horowitz wears in under 60 seconds

I wish I hadn't thrown out my mini kilt in 1997.

Lanvin models do a bit of dad dancing

Watch Karen Elsen and co having a bit of 'dad at a wedding' fun in this Lanvin AW 2011 vid. Look out for a cameo from the ledge that is Alber Elbaz himself at the end.

Hey! The Zooey Deschanel Show - Fashion

'Zooey' (aka Noël Wells) discusses her fashion inspiration, including her neighbour Kaitlyn. Apparently the preroll to this show was created before New Girl hit the airwaves with it's freakishly similar opening credits. Coinkidink?

America's Next Top Model's funniest runways

The ANTM runways are always ridiculous - water, pendulums, moving walkways, ALL THE STAIRS...this video runs down two of the worst challenges. It's surprisingly addictive viewing. Especially when one of them swears really obviously.

"Think Pink" from Funny Face

Fashion meets musicals as the editor of Quality magazine (Kay Thompson) sings about the latest colour trend in this brilliant 1957 musical. Banish the black, burn the blue and bury the beige. Basically my mantra for life.

The Glee cast sing 'Fashion'

The cast of Glee recorded this exclusive track for Fashion's Night Out. Worth watching for Darren Criss' red velvet suit and non-gelled hair alone. Also, you know how much we love Dianna Agron.