This is definitely not a look for everyone. Saying that, how often are Rihanna's looks "for everyone"? That's one of the reasons we love the Barbadian popstrel so much. Ri Ri has been in the media spotlight big time of late with her non-stop seven day tour, 777, to launch her new album, Unapologetic. The star took a specially chartered 777 (seeing a theme here?) plane, to 7 major cites around the world to perform songs from her new record.

Rihanna Unapologetic Album Launch.jpg

The headline making tour culminated this week in New York, where Rihanna celebrated at her official album launch party sporting one of our favourite Autumn / Winter 2012 textures head to toe; leather. Instead of the predictable dress / heels / legs combo, Rihanna opted for a lose fitting leather matching set consisting of oversized shell tee, baggy cropped palazzo trousers and matching leather cap. She finished the look off with a splash of bright red lipstick and classic strappy black heels, bringing the look back just a notch. What do you make of it?

Rihanna 2012 get the look.jpg

We know this will be one to divide opinion, but we're in the "like" camp, and are firm fans of the sporty, relaxed yet edgy look on her. If, like us, you're of the love-it rather than hate-it opinion, shop her look with our online picks above. If you hate it, let us know why in the comments below.