If you want to be an internationally successful fashion designer, there's a lot of work involved. No one knows this more than aspiring and, to-date, astoundingly successful fashionite, Victoria Beckham. The ex Spice Girl and mother of four has seen a few seasons through at New York Fashion Week now, and so far, her foray into the fashion design business has been remarkably well received. With this in mind, it looks like VB has set her sights on world wide domination.

Victoria Beckham Neiman Marcus.jpg
Photo: @VictoriaBeckham Twitter

She's done her bit in the UK, so it looks like America is the next conquest on her hit list. Earlier this week she was in Vegas, and these past few days have seen her hit Dallas, not exactly the fashion capital we'd have imagined worthy of Vic's presence, but according to her Twitter account, going there has been a life long dream. So what did she get up to in cowboy town? US designer destination, Neiman Marcus, have decided to host Victoria's collection in their many stores across the country, good news for VB's world domination plan. Here she is with their president, Jim Gold (awkward much?).

For the event, to no surprise Victoria donned her finest NEXT season collection wear, selecting her all white mesh sporty inspired mini dress. What do you make of her look above?

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