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Fans of Net-a-Porter get excited because a new print magazine is in the works for next year. The online retailer will launch its first publication some time within the next 12 months.

"Traditional publishers always say that we are lucky for being born in a digital age and don't have a legacy of print," said CEO Mark Sebba. "But we still see it as important."

According to Sebba the move is part of of founder Natalie Massenet's long-term vision for the company. Advertising has always been part of the Net-a-Porter business, thanks to its weekly online magazine, mobile apps and video channel. Now that advertising will help fund a print publication. Although no details such as how often the magazine will be published have been revealed at this stage.

"Twelve years ago when Natalie launched Net-a-Porter, it wasn't so much about revolutionising shopping as revolutionizing the magazine industry. It's about understanding the media side of commerce rather than just trying to move products. I don't want to denigrate [the retail] side in any way as it pays the rent, but advertising revenue increasingly pays the rent as well."

What do you think of a Net-a-Porter magazine? Do you think its pointless for an online retailer or do you believe it will add a new element to the business?

[via Fashionologie]