LOVE oxblood pleat neck asymmetric hem dress £40 >>>

The navy version of this dress ended up being one of my favourites this Summer. LOVE was offering a bunch of dresses in a two for £25 sale (the current alternative is 2 for £29.99) and I grabbed this and another similar rise and fall hemmed dress for a holiday. It's comfy, slouchy, and though the lining is pretty short, it's not too indecent to wear during the day.

For the colder weather, I love the idea of layering up the oxblood colour with lacy knit tights, a leather jacket, ankle boots and piles of gunmetal coloured jewellery to make it a bit more weather appropriate. The combination of floaty dress and chunky accessories works well to offset the girly feel of the hemline.

A quick word on sizing with this one - Love says that its M-L equates to a UK 10 - 12. Leaving aside how preposterous it is that anything size 12 should be considered 'large', I'm a size 14 and this style fits me fine, ample chest and all!