Cara Delavigne British Fashion Award 2012.jpgSome might see the chance to portray Victoria Beckham on the stage in the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever! as an unbelievable opportunity. Not so according to the agent of Cara Delevingne. Instead it has been revealed that the Burberry model's agent advised her it would mean career suicide.

"My agent said, 'No, you can't, it will be a career killer.' Of course, I loved the Spice Girls. I loved Geri and Baby, but who liked Posh Spice? They said I looked like her and I said, 'That's not cool, that's really mean.' "


The revelation was made in an interview with The Telegraph's Mandrake last year before Cara became a household name. Just this week she was crowned Model of the Year at the 2012 British Fashion Awards.

Her previous acting work includes a tiny role alongside Keira Knightley in this year's film remake of Anna Karenina. Nevertheless, Cara appears determined to make acting her next big step. She recently told Grazia UK: "I want to be in movies, directing movies, writing movies. I'd love to be in a movie with Meryl Streep or Martin Scorsese. There are so many different things I want to do like a possessed child or an evil something, I don't know...."

Hmm, quite far removed from playing a popstar in a girl group on the West End stage.

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