The web is rife with reports this week that Angelina Jolie may be looking to L'Wren Scott for her wedding dress.. Angelina's worn L'Wren's form-fitting designs a few times (including the Moneyball premiere in Japan, pictured) and is also a neighbour of L'Wren's when she's in London - she and Brad own a house in Richmond close to L'Wren and her partner Mick Jagger.

According to Grazia, Angie has had 'several meetings' with the designer and is very keen on the idea of choosing a dress by a slightly more 'unexpected' designer for her wedding to Brad Pitt.

L'Wren is hardly an unknown - the former model and stylist has been style director for the Academy Awards, dressed dozens of A listers and created costumes for some very high profile films. But she's not known for bridalwear, and she would definitely be an interesting choice for Angelina, far more exciting than a more predictable choice like her red carpet failsafe Atelier Versace.

Interestingly, Grazia reports a source stating that "L'Wren is famed for designing clothes to suit taller, thin women like herself." This is news to us, given that two of the stars most famous for wearing L'Wren's designs are curvaceous Christina Hendricks and petite Sarah Jessica Parker. Granted, Nicole Kidman is also a fan but we think L'Wren, as a former stylist, has skills that go beyond making clothes that just look good on her. If she does dress Angelina for the big day, we can't wait to see what she comes up with.