Jessica Biel has always been hit and miss in the style department. When she gets it right, it's brilliant, like her understated Met Gala Prada dress. But occasionally, she tries too hard and lets the dress wear her, drowning herself in swathes of volume and ruffles, like at the Easy Virtue premiere.

Luckily, at the LA premiere of her new film Hitchcock, Jessica managed to tame those ruffles, by sticking to just two dramatic frills that ran down the front of her simple black Gucci column dress.


It's not the greatest red carpet moment ever, but it's a vast improvement on some of the stuff Jess has worn recently. The look is modern, chic, elegant, and just slightly experimental. It might not be the kind of thing that will trickle down to the high street any time soon, but it's got the kind of edge we like from a red carpet look - something a little unexpected and intriguing, and a shape most women wouldn't be able to pull off.

More importantly, it's a far cry from Jess's last red carpet outing, where her stylist seemed to have raided the wardrobe of a particularly eccentric grandma.


It's such a shame when bad clothes happen to good people. We think when Oscar de la Renta designed this he was thinking of his older clientelle, not any of his younger celeb fans. It adds 20 years to Jessica before you even look at her face. It's hard to believe these two photos were taking within days of each other!