We haven't seen a notched waist in a while, and now two show up at once. Despite the fact one fashion college lecturer once told us it takes three spots to make a trend, two is enough for us, and we're loving this look for adding interest to simple skirt shapes.

This is a detail that definitely works best on a skirt. A notched waist is almost alwaus high-waisted, so put it on a pair of trousers and you need to have pretty slinky hips to pull it off. On a skirt, particularly one like these with a fuller shape, it balances out brilliantly and creates the illlusion of a tiny waist if you don't have one already.

The two skirts are both available at Pret a Portabello, but come from different brands. They are the Jovonna London pleated Tasha skirt £65 and the
Fount faux leather mini skirt £32