This hyper-literal 80s revival is starting to grate on me at Paris Fashion Week. Jean Paul Gaultier is the latest designer to cite the decade of decadence and throw some power suiting down the runway. Le sigh.

Gaultier's take was to focus on the pop stars of the era, from which there is obviously a lot of iconic style to mine. Some that Gaultier masterminded the first time around. Following Dior's Bowie, it had a little less impact to see the parade of pop stars.

It was nice to see a more streamlined take on the 80s, shoulders weren't as ostentatious, silhouettes were a little slimmer. Madonna's cage corset was re-imagined for arms, legs, shoes, you name it. The Boy George looks were surprisingly identifiable yet relevant for today, a floral maxi dress is totally wearable.

That said, there was a lot that wasn't wearable. There were looks where you'd be hard pressed to find one piece you could put together into a realistic outfit for today. While we're used to costume finery on the runway, it's a bit jarring to see something so close to home (most of us have some recollection of the 80s) look so "period."