Quite fittingly, travel was the theme at the Hermes Spring 2013 fashion show. And further, the highlights were pieces clearly inspired by their long tradition of craftsmanship and luxury materials. Leather and crocodile in bright hues really stood out on the runway.


Designer Christophe Lemaire described his evolution at the fashion house for this season thusly for "More precise, more edited, I really wanted it to be very tight. Very sharp, a lot of legs."

He also put it best in terms of the prints on display, styled as if he "put them in a shaker and mix[ed] them." That may have worked (okay) on the runway, but these pieces will clearly stand out when worn as a statement item with a more subdued palette in real women's wardrobes. While there were a lot of blues, the bright, more exotic prints and colors were the most lust worthy.