Taylor Swift's new album Red went on sale today, which means she's been burning the candle at both ends on a promotional trail that's included just about every TV show in America, plus a stop off at an event sponsored by budger retailer Target to publicise the midnight release.

Unsurprisingly, Taylor didn't wear anything from Target for the appearance (though we bet she would have done if Prabal Gurung's range was in store). Instead, she opted for a blue-black vintage dress with a full skirt, fitted waist and button detail neckline.

With an increasing number of vintage reproduction brand now easily available online, you can easily get the look of this pretty 50s style dress. Here are three of our favourites...


Large pic: Kristina dress by Laura Byrne for Pinup Girl Clothing $110
Top pic: Simone houndstooth doll dress £60 Collectif
Bottom: Bettie Page Clothing black Alika dress £120 Dollydagger