celebritygossipoctober2012.jpgIt's time for a mid-week news roundup, so grab yourself a lunch time treat and put your feet up for 10 minutes as we supply this weeks fashion cliff notes!

Alexa Chung is in the process of writing a book! The model/presenter has revealed that her debut book will hit the shelves next September and will be filled with fashion tips and style influences as well as personal sketches and photographs. Published by Penguin Books, the sure-to-be-best seller will give a witty insight into Alexa's fashionable world and reveal just how she decides what to wear in the morning...

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has been busy digging herself a hole as she chatted to Vogue about her favourite fashion designers. Emma, who is currently promoting her latest movie, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, told the fashion magazine that she was "probably going to get in trouble for talking about this!" as she admitted to liking Valentino despite the brand never using actresses in their campaigns. As well as declaring her love for Chloe, the 22-year-old star also confessed, "If I could wear any label forever it would be Burberry. It covers a huge span of stuff. You can't go wrong with a classic trench and a pair of jeans."

Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz has taken off the majority of her clothes for Esquire magazine. The 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' actress told the men's mag that she "feels better at 40 than I did at 25" and that as far as she's concerned "there's no such thing as anti-ageing - it's all a crock of sh*t." Posing in a number of revealing outfits including a vampish leather corset, Cameron looks hotter than ever (even in those hideous crouching shots).

Taylor Swift is another 22-year-old making waves this week; the singer has landed the cover of both Marie Claire and Glamour US. In an interview with Glamour - which featured a gorgeous retro inspired shoot - Taylor admitted that whilst she loves her close friends from back home, it's nice to have famous friends you can trust. Speaking about her friendship with Amazing Spiderman actress, Emma Stone (with whom she spotted having a girly lunch with in Paris a few days ago) the pop star said "I met Emma when I was 17 and Selena [Gomez] when I was 18. So they've experienced all this with me, and they've also experienced their own amazing success, and somehow through all of it, we've stayed close"