karl_lagerfeld_office_paris.JPGCQ were very lucky to be offered the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to visit Karl Lagerfeld's headquarters in Paris, and have a snoop around his office and studio. Saying no to this was about as likely as me saying 'no' to a macaroon (unlikely), so a few days before London Fashion Week began, I was on the Eurostar to Paris with the lovely guys from shu uemura (the trip was mainly to attend the international launch party for Karl's collection with them, which you can read about here).


First stop was the studio where Karl Lagerfeld conducts his work when he's in photographer mode. It's probably one of the most incredible rooms I've ever been in - you walk in and it takes your breath away: covered from floor to ceiling with books, with a spiral staircase in one corner leading to a balcony that runs all around the room so Karl (or probably one of his assistants) can reach the higher ones. Whatever books you might have thought Karl read you probably can't actually imagine the truth - there's everything from books on English nobility, to University architecture, to books on gypsy caravans. There's also a coffee table covered in magazines, a really high chair like at a tennis match which I like to imagine Karl sitting on and presiding over the room, and a computer with a hugely filled iTunes. From the look of it Karl likes Lady Gaga a lot.


Also in the studio resides the photo booth where Karl shot the Chanel Fall 2011 campaign, which was styled by ex-French Vogue editor Carin Roitfeld. So obviously I had to get in and pretend to be Freja Beha Erichsen. As well as the tonnes and tonnes of books and magazines, there's also art piled up everywhere, including some featuring the kaiser himself. My favourite is the '7' made from Karl heads.


Up next was Karl's office, which is enclosed within a heavy set of doors from the street that lead to this:


Isn't it beautiful? Inside you're greeted with a lit up profile of Karl (far top), which leads you to the pristine white showrooms that make up the ground floor, which were full of samples from his AW12 collection and his SS13 bags (which we gave The Bag Lady a sneak peak of).


You can find the AW12 collection on Net-a-Porter here now (loved this jacket). After checking out all the clothes, we headed upstairs to what is possibly the neatest office I have ever seen and I had a snoop around his desk. He designed that goblet himself BTW.



Thanks to shu uemura for inviting us and you can find out more about Karl's collection for shu uemura at su-kl.com!