Ethical fashion brand People Tree has always been after the youth market. After teaming up with Emma Watson, it seemed they'd found a quick win, but sadly the designs were a little too safe to be as big a success as some other celeb / designer collaborations. In fact, with the exception of a few hero pieces, most of Emma's range ended up in the sale and there were rumours at the time that the actress considered the collection a "disappointment" due to slow sales - something People Tree quickly denied.

Either way, the brand has come back stronger and better than ever with its new range aimed at a younger consumer - Aimee.

Though it might not have the celebrity selling point, what it does have is plenty of whimsical prints, trend-led shapes and a real sense of fun. From hedgehog dresses to sausage dog jumpers, and plenty of peplums, this range has Autumn all sewn up.

Prices are reasonable too (especially considering the ethically-sourced materials) with most dresses coming in around the £50 mark, with a current promotion offering an extra 20% off. Shown above are the Page Floral dress (£48) and the Daisy Orange dress (£44).