Today's fashion social media WIN award has to go to ASOS (and particularly 'team blouse') for being such good sports on realising that one of their designs is sporting an extra member.


They're calling it #penisblouse and it's blowing up on Twitter as more and more people notice the, ahem, interesting use of piping on the neckline. The £30 blouse is available in grey or black if you fancy getting phallic.

A lot of brands would pull the product or manage the tweets with a hard line, but not ASOS. They've seen the humour (and sales potential) in this baby and jumped right in. Not only did they deliberately draw attention to the product on twitter by asking people to post their pics, but members of the team responsible for putting the top on sale in the first place happily popped it on and posed for a pic...


(pic via @nicolalagreen on Twitter)

High fives, ASOS. We're almost tempted to buy the top.

This is even better than Angry ASOS Curve Model (view the catwalk video here to see what we mean).