Vivienne Westwood titled her Spring 2013 collection Climate Revolution, and there was definitely every bit of the revolutionary we have come to expect from Westwood.


While her signature flares for corsetry, heavy detail and overwrought fabrics were still on display, they were toned down a lot from previous seasons. This left room for a new obsession with unfinished details like tattered hems and seams. It went beyond artfully distressed to dresses and skirts that looked as if pieces may fall off on the runway.


There was an interplay between more modern playsuits and trendy "no pants" dressing and costumery that made me wish Westwood were involved in the upcoming Les Mis film. A metallic purple body suit with pointy bodice shared the runway with milk maidish dresses featuring panniers and revolution-era silhouettes. Peasant dressing was in full effect, but there wasn't much boho about it.


Westwood as always did amazing things with draping, ruching and gathering fabrics in a way that looks so effortless you know it took a lot of effort. Towards the end there was definitely a focus on volume and sculptural fashion. Despite its eclectic vibe and scattered aesthetics, there was more commercial appeal to this collection than we sometimes see from Westwood.