In Paris's Grand Palais today, designer Marco Zanini presented his Spring 2013 collection.

Some critics are saying the show was unfocused. But I think the consistently baffling proportions actually belied a singularity of vision and focus that Zanini simply had difficulty communicating to the audience. There was also a running '60s beachy vibe that provided a sense of cohesion. It just wasn't enough to translate the artistic statement being made.

Call it ugly fashion, call it man-repeller fashion, there is a genre for this sort of unflattering, seemingly ill-fitted designer fare. But even so, boxy, midriff-baring button downs and odd hem lengths bizarrely paired with low, ankle or knee-high wrestling boots will be hard for even awkward/stunning bloggers to pull off. A white Andre Leon Talley-worthy cape could only be good for disposing of a body, and the sparse prints bypassed retro to land straight at dated. Perhaps there was a Jestons, futuristic thing going on, but if you have to guess it's not working.

The easily wearable pieces were few and far between, a black silk dress here or sheer pleated skirt there, and often you needed to see past the bizarre styling.