Joining the many retailers who seem to have recently clocked something we always knew - that women respond better to seeing clothes being modelled by people who look like them - the new season ad campaign from Marks & Spencer uses a variety of models that represent a variety of shapes, sizes and ages.

Cynics might suggest this is just another brand who saw what Dove was doing with their highly successful 'Real Women' campaign and thought 'I want a piece of that' (see also: Ann Summers, Special K, Boux Avenue) but we're happy to get behind anything that brings a bit of diversity into advertising.

The models are Luisa Bianchin (20), Sandra Ellinore Shiotz Erichsen (22), Marquita M Pring (22), Eden Micael (24), Marie Meyer (27), Candice Joy Huffine (27), Anne-Flore Trichilo (34), Rachel Boss (42), Angela Dunn (48) and Yasmina Rossi (57). Their sizes range from UK 8 to 16.

Granted, all these women are still models, and the 'variety' seems to stop at fiftysomething and a size 16, but baby steps are better than nothing! The ads aim to show how M&S caters to its wide customer base, with clothes from the same collection that work for a wide range of different women.

You can shop the look via the 'as advertised' section of the M&S website.