The Spring 2013 Roland Mouret fashion show was so striking it's hard to know what to talk about first. Strong references abound - 80s shapes like exaggeratedly strong shoulders, vibrant colors like red, black and white with beige and jewel tones making graphic appearances as they have in so much of Paris Fashion Week. Shapes don't take a back seat either, crisp corners and architectural elements convey a strong woman for Spring.


Mouret's show was staged at the legendary La Palace nightclub which seems particularly appropriate for this modernist 80s revival. (Seriously, when have you seen so many power suits since Working Girl.) Mouret makes no bones about it:

"I went back to revisit my eighties," he told "I was young, I had fun, we lived in a group. The reality was dark but the night was for clubbing and full of light. It was a time I felt had a resonance for now."