"The world of Armani is multi-faceted, as if observed through a kaleidoscope that separates, refracts and illuminates"

As Giorgio Armani closed the weekend at Milan Fashion Week, we couldn't help but look up at the stars and smile at what the 78-year-old designer had created for his SS13 show. Entitled Kaleidoscope, the collection was elegant in design yet eccentric in concept as chic craftsmanship married futuristic fabrics on the catwalk.


Opening with a palette of silver, grey and shimmering blue, fluid gossamer silks created flowing pyjama style trousers and tunics, layered with light overcoats and cropped, tailored jackets. The fluidity of the layered fabrics created an otherworldly effect as the models walked down the runway, touching back down to earth with harder finishing touches like masculine metallic brogues and squared off handbags.


The colour story shifted into mint, turquoise, jade and white as fabrics shifted into transparent organza, printed with a space age tie-dye pattern. Garments still moved freely, but jackets became more tapered and waistlines more defined. As we hit the half way mark in the huge collection, models appeared in pairs, dressed almost identically except for a pattern or colour change on one item.


The midnight blue sky crept slowly through the collection and cosmic crystal touches became stronger and stronger, like a star on the verge of explosion. Galaxies covered draped dresses, belted at the waist by oversized bows, constellations popped on jackets and palazzo style pants, rhinestones shone from the backs of heels until finally, the Universe erupted on the closing pieces; tiny crystals covered sheer tunics, hats, and slipper shoes, billowing tops and maxi skirts were laden with stars, and the last model on the catwalk was enveloped by an embellished wire harness. This was most definitely a show for dreamers, star gazers and out-of-this-world women.