Today marks the first day of London Fashion Week, and for two members of team CQ, the first stop was The Waldolf Hilton for the enchanting Fyodor Golan SS1013 show.

We crept backstage on our arrival and after three hours of primping and preening the models in hair and makeup (read in more depth at Kiss and Makeup) it was time for them to hit the open, airy catwalk and from what we had been tempted with we knew it we were in for a treat.

Fyodor Golan's fourth collection took the catwalk, entitled 'The Holy Mountain', the title taken directly from the Alejandro Jodorowksy film, one of their main sources of inspiration. Adaptations from the cult film were clear within the headgear used throughout the show, designed by architectural milliner Zara Gorman as well as the eery unfamiliar vibe they brought with them.

Other inspiration included the book 'Blue Tattoo' based around a true story of Victorian Mormon girl Olive Ottoman, who was captured by a Native American tribe. This inspiration led to lightweight, flowing printed organza and chiffon dresses contrasted with broken Victorian china corsets.

Pieces that made our early morning jaws drop included a shocking pink ruffled dress paired with outrageous flower-like neck ruffles, and a black webbed dress adorned in bead and sequin embellishment. Why not have a peek at our gallery to see them for yourselves?

We're going straight home (following the after party of course!) and throwing Alejandro Jodorowsky movies on until we fall into a post Fyodor Golan haze dreaming of next Spring.