Corrie Nielsen gave the paps their first front page London Fashion Week moment today, with a good percentage of experimental looks that will have the masses wondering 'but who wears this stuff?'

This was true London fashion - fabulous, but a little bit bonkers!

The inspiration was London's Royal Botanic Gardens, from the flowers and plants themselves through to the architecture of the buildings that house them. With such wide-ranging inspiration, there were many different looks on show. In terms of wearability the most successful were those inspired by flowers. Dip dying techniques gave an ombre effect to petals shapes in soft, transparent fabrics, from daywear separates to the finale wedding dress. Huge flounces decorated simple blouses, and tulip shaped skirts were never far away.

It was when the complex structure of plants became the inspiration that the looks got less pretty and more experimental. Shoulders and armholes were moved away from their usual positions, forcing the models into strange positions, as if they had hump backs and squat arms. The box-shaped dress was the perfect example of this - a design headed straight for the pages of edgy fashion mags, rather than the real world. At the show, it elicited a combination of gasps and giggles...but everyone reached for their camera.

See some of the key looks above by clicking the image to start our gallery