Last season, we saw London based designer, Bora Aksu present a grown up and sophisticated take on romanticism with his usual dark twist in the form of gothic hues, strict silhouettes and formal details. Today at London Fashion Week, his Spring / Summer 2013 offering showcased a development upon this, presenting the same features with a progressive new season take.

Bora Aksu SS 2013.jpg

Whilst today's collection made a strong nod to his Autumn / Winter 2012 offering, this time there was a decadent, regal and opulent twist. Entitled Modern Queen, the collection sauntered down the catwalk to regal music and each model wore an oversized crown made from a textured knit. To accommodate this, messy frizzy crimped hair was piled on top of heads with braids looped down, which reminded me of that Vivenne Westwood collection which did a rebellious take on the regal headpiece too.

Bora said, "My main starting point for inspiration came from Queen Victoria's grand-daughter, Marie, who became the Queen of Romania in 1922. The way she embraced traditional Romanian culture without losing her Englishness led to a lot of beautiful references. As well as her style and charisma, inspiration for spring/summer 2013 has come from the love she had for her botanical garden in Balchik."

With a pastel colour palette, opulent textures and sumptuous details, Bora's background is clear on a first look, and our stand outs were the multi-layered floor length gowns and golden yellow dresses. Check it out for yourself in the video below.