Milan is really out Milan-ing itself this season. The Spring 2013 Roberto Cavalli show was full of the ornate Italian details we've come to expect, updated by delicate and ethereal elements that came as a more than pleasant surprise.


While the shredded leather jeans that dominated the first segment of the show weren't to my taste, the beautiful leather lace pieces that accompanied them rendered all forgiven. Delicate crystal and glass detailing and embroidery gave an understated feel to even the most elaborate designs. Cavalli then transitioned into soft, sheer mousselines with swirly Art Nouveau prints. There were some traditional Cavalli super sexy pieces, but everything seemed to have a more graceful, less aggressively feminine aesthetic this season. Strong tailoring and bold shoulders could still be found, but on the whole the collection's strength was interpreted as a little less power hungry.


Cavalli talked about the collection as 43 ways to frame the body of a woman, and it definitely seemed as if the designer had put more thought into the idea which he had perhaps previously assumed he had mastered. There was less cocksure posturing for Spring 2013, replaced with a more graceful elegance.