At the beginnning of August it was Sherlock Holmes Week, and millions of Sherlock fans around the world celebrated with events across the world.

A highlight of the week was a fashion design competition for young artists, who were tasked to create costume designs for the main BBC Sherlock characters. The competition was supported by Sherlockology, the #1 site for BBC Sherlock fans, which has a brilliant wardrobe section that includes all the fashion from the first two series.

Entries came in from all over the world and the judge picking the winners is BBC Sherlock's costume designer, Sarah Arthur.

Sarah Arthur is a long serving costume designer on British television. Initially working on TV movies, then serveral series, before moving onto 'Sherlock' in 2010. Sarah jettisoned much of the previous costume design work from the abandoned pilot episode, retaining only Sherlock's iconic Belstaff 'Milford' coat and Jeff Hope's outfit.

The quality of the entries to the design competition was excellent and Sarah commented "I have looked at all the designs very very closely. It has not been an easy decision as a number of these designs were well thought out". There were plenty of unusual designs too, but those that fit with the style of the character seem to have won out.

The announcement of the winners is exclusive to us at Catwalk Queen - so here they are with Sarah's comments.

Sherlock - Amy
"Amys' and Catherines designs are brilliant for both Sherlock and Irene. I have decided to go for Amy as her design depicts Sherlock as I see see him".

Amy - Sherlock Holmes.jpg

Irene Adler - Catherine.
"Again very close as I loved Amys' designs too but Catherine just captures her in this particular costume design".

Catherine - Irene Adler.jpg

Mycroft:- Mary Lin
"A very formal period Mycroft-very apt almost timeless".

Mary Lin - Mycroft.jpg

Dr Watson:- Emily
"Very Watson,very simple as he should be".

Emily - Watson.jpg

Mrs Hudson:- Mita
"This one captures Mrs Hudson perfectly"

Mita - Mrs Hudson.jpg

Molly Hooper:- Kayla
"I think all three of Kayla's captures Mollys' character very well".

Kayla - Molly Hooper.jpg

About Sherlock Holmes Week:

The week was backed by the major societies, TV franchises and fan sites to raise awareness for the campaign to save Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's home - Undershaw, from ruin. Several historians have commented that without Undershaw there would be no Sherlock Holmes as that's where Conan Doyle brought Holmes back to life to become a worldwide phenomenon. Imagine a world without BBC Sherlock? Imagine no Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman teaming up?

Fans were asked to visit and like the Save Undershaw Facebook Page. A special book 'Sherlock's Home: The Empty House' was released to raise money for the Trust with contributions from dozens of writers and actors including Mark Gatiss and Stephen Fry.