Louise Grey for Topshop 1.jpg
Smiley Face Sequin Tee By Louise Gray £130 >>

My first introduction to Louise Gray was at my first ever London Fashion Week, at my first ever show (check out that very inexperienced show review here). To say the least I was overwhelmed by the concept of her designs, combination of fabrics and the sheer variety of textures all in one look. I mean overwhelmed in a good way. Up close, Louise's designs are even more detailed and intricate than they look in pictures, a definite must see. Needless to say, I was super pleased when we heard back in May about Louise Gray's collaboration with Topshop, and now it's finally here.

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[Left] Flash Burst Sequin Dress By Louise Gray £175 >>
[Right] Zigzag Sequin Dress By Louise Gray £200 >>

It's safe to say Louise's collaborative work is just as fun as the real thing; think all things sequin, glitz and ultimate creativity. Check out some of the pieces we've picked out modelled by Louise herself. Starting at £130, it's not cheap but it is most definitely cheerful. Be quick if you fancy it, we predict a sell out.

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[Left]Polka Dot Sequin Jacket By Louise Gray £165 >>
[Right]Flash Face Sequin Dress By Louise Gray £175 >>