If you'd have told us this time last year that our Summer would be all about fruit and vegetable prints, we'd have laughed at you. Sure, the odd cherry here or strawberry there is cute, but aubergines, peppers and red onions? Really?

These vegetable patch prints shouldn't work, but somehow, Dolce & Gabbana made them one of the key looks of the Summer, with a Spring / Summer 2012 show full of bold and bright sun dresses with a 50s Italian Rivera feel.

This resulted in every high street store worth knowing putting out something in a red chilli pepper print, and there were plenty of lemons and limes floating about too. But few tackled the much tricker red onion. Was this a look best left to the big boys themselves, who charged almost $3000 for the frock?


Evidently not, as global shopping giants Light In The Box have now got their own take on this onion-print dress. There may be very little of the Summer left to wear it, but coming in at less than £25, it's not exactly going to break the bank.

it's a pretty bang-on homage, though it does change things up a little with a slightly different colour palette, simpler straps and a cheaper, heavier fabric choice. Some sizes have already sold out, and the prices on this website do change, so shop now to secure it for cheap!