The fabulous floral trouser suits from designer like Erdem (top) and Celine (bottom) have inspired a whole host of amazing high street versions, and we're very excited that the two we've had our beady eyes on have finally arrived online.

First up is Warehouse's amazing dip-dyed indigo floral jacket and matching cropped trousers. With a silky finish and tailored shape, it's an amazing statement suit that could just as easily be worn as separates. The jacket is £70 and the trousers £50, making the set a slightly pricey £120.

Meanwhile at Matalan there is an incredible bargain to be found. The 'Florence' print is available not only on cropped trousers and a blazer, but also a pencil skirt and sheer blouse, giving you all sorts of mix-and-match options if you're keen to double up on your print. The trousers are £14, the jacket £28. The skirt and blouse are also £14. That means you can get the whole lot for £70 - the cost of just the blazer at Warehouse.