I'm not sure who got their tat first, but let's just say Rita Ora is a pretty notorious Rihanna style lemming. There's nothing wrong with emulating the style of someone you admire, but when you're a high-profile celebrity in the same industry, you might want to cultivate a look that's a little more your own.

Rihanna's ribcage tattoo features an Arabic phrase meaning "Freedom is God." Rita's ink in a similar location reads "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." You can see Ora talk about her tattoos for GQ here.

She says: "Tattoos to me are really kind of important, but I think they're just beautiful, I love tattoos, I think they're just another form of art."

The similar tattoo placement wouldn't draw so many comparisons if Ora wasn't already seeming to copy RiRi left and right in pretty distinctive, hard-to-call-it-a-coincidence items. There was the full length floral jumpsuit - Rihanna wore Stella McCartney and Rita wore something quite similar of an unknown origin, which just makes it sketchier. Flame motifs, again, are fairly distinctive. Rihanna wore hers on a minidress in London for the O2 festival in March, Ora favored a flaming skirt and top combo more recently.

Who's inked up look do you prefer?