One of the things you can always rely upon Motel to do is take an idea and run with it. The same dress often appears in several prints, and the same print will cover dresses, skirts, jeans, tops and accessories so you can go completely OTT with your outfit choices.

Their latest obsession is dip dye, and the new indigo / navy colourway for Autumn is the most interesting, a 90s-inspired look with a bit of a grungy feel. It reminds us of of movies like Reality Bites and Singles - you can absolutely imagine Bridget Fonda teaming the midi dress with Doc Martens and a leather jacket.

We would advise you to modernise the look, but since the 90s is such a strong fashion influence this season, there's not really any need. Embrace your inner grunge girl, Spotify some Pearl Jam and locate something huge and plaid to wear over the top!

Motel's dip dyed pieces are £22 - £48. Shop now at MotelRocks.com