When printed trousers started to become 'big' at the start of 2012, we weren't sure it was a trend we'd be trying. Fast forward a few months, and most of the Catwalk Queen team have at least one pair of floral or graphic print trews in their wardrobe.

But now we're being challenged to take it to the next level. Confident enough to try a mad printed crop? Perfect, now match your top half with the same print! This is such a hard look to pull off - with the trouser shape on offer it can end up looking a bit pajama-esque, but that is apparently half the point. This is fashion, folks, it's not meant to be easy.

Mango offers up a few ways for risk-takers to try this look. Our fave is the paisley suit, but we're hoping someone will try the double florals and show us how it's done. If you do invest send us a pic, we'd love to see!

Floral print chiffon shirt £34.99 and floral print slim trousers £34.99

Paisley print blazer £69.99 and paisley print trousers £34.99

3/4 sleeve blouse £22.99 and diffused print trousers £29.99