What is your take on the summer sweater? A separate animal than the light knit you keep at the office or the cardi you throw on with a strappy sun dress, the summer sweater is something a bit more substantial. While sometimes sheer or open-weave, it's usually somewhat chunky and reminiscent of winter weather. I'm convinced retailers (I'm looking at J. Crew) invented it, or at least aggressively capitalised on the practicality of chilly nights and dreary weather. Why yes, you could pull out your winter sweaters (really, did you ever put them away?) but don't you want a whole new set of sweaters for summer? Ah, fashion.

This summer we've seen a lot of long or 3/4 sleeve sweaters with short shorts. I like the nod to a beachy New England preppy lifestyle where you need your collegiate sweater for chilly nights on the cape and you just happened to have it in the boat house to throw over your swimsuit. But like so many trends, this has come to transcend lifestyle practicality and abandon its roots. Now you've got leggy city girls in booty shorts and a long-sleeve crew neck in 90 degree weather.

Silly or stylish, what do you think? If you're a fan, the Mango Flecked Cardigan, pictured, is available in three colour ways at £44.99.