Fashion isn't really a centerpiece of athletics, but that doesn't mean the fashion community isn't excited for the upcoming Summer Olympics in London. Today Ralph Lauren revealed Team USA's official opening and closing ceremony uniforms. This is the outfit all the athletes will wear as they embark on their journey to England. There is also a collection of apparel and accessories to be worn around the Olympic Village. What with the recent close of Wimbledon and upcoming US Open, it's really a time to be inspired by preppy activewear.


"It's a privilege to play a part in the London Games and to celebrate the achievements of these premier athletes as they represent our nation on the world's biggest stage," said David Lauren, Ralph Lauren's Executive Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications.

The collection features classic silhouettes in patriotic colors with the U.S. Olympic Team patch as well as the Ralph Lauren signature big pony logo emblazoned on the pieces. As usual the look will be topped off with a navy beret with red and white stripes and both logos. I'm not always a fan of the beret, it's kind of hard to pull off, but we'll see how the 2012 Team USA takes this look on.