A few years ago, most young women wouldn't have dreamed of wearing a swimsuit on holiday. It was bikinis all the way - mostly because all the swimsuits were either sporty or frumpy.

Then a few years ago designers bought the swimsuit back to life. Suddenly one-pieces weren't all ugly florals and mumsy shapes, and the 'monokini', a sort of halfway house between a one-piece and a bikini appeared all over the high street. The swimsuit enjoyed a renaissance, with even vintage-inspired, full coverage styles cropping up next to the triangle bikinis and bandeau designs in the most fashion forward shops. The string bikini all but disappeared - it was no longer about flashing as much toned flesh as possible, but about being edgy and cool. Brands like We Are Handsome have brought the one piece bang up to date and made it a cool choice once again.

But what we want to know is simple. Is this just a fashion thing, or has the one piece really taken over from the bikini when it comes to Summer swimwear? What will YOU be wearing when you hit the beach / pool? Swimsuit, bikini, or a bit of both?


[Vix bikini and Huit swimsuit both available at ASOS]