Charlie Curran is a filmmaker and artist from Chicago, currently studying film and television at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Charlie started making the documentary See Know Evil to bring to light the full story of the elusive fashion photographer, Davide Sorrenti.

Curran first discovered Davide Sorrenti after flicking through a fashion book at his school's library, and was drawn towards a section on 'heroin chic'. The main focus of the chapter was Davide; his tragic death from a heroine overdose, the media frenzy that was sparked as a result, and subsequently the end of an era within the fashion industry, during the late 90's.

Charlie instantly became fascinated by the life of Davide Sorrenti and described his work as 'honest, raw, visceral and powerful'. Charlie wanted to find out who Davide really was, away from the media frenzy that surrounded and consumed him. After his death he was remembered in a negative light, leaving his work unappreciated. He was blamed for glamorising substance abuse and the image that came with it, rather than being celebrated for his talent.

Still in production, this feature documentary is an oral biography told by those who knew Davide best. Charlie received funding via the crowdsourcing site which has enabled him to carry on with the last parts of filming, where he will interview Davide's family and his girlfriend at the time, model and actress Jaime King.

See the trailer above for a taste of what's to come from this documentary, or find out more at

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