Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren in The BirdsPrior to recently giving birth to a baby girl, Sienna Miller was busy portraying Tippi Hedren in a new biopic for BBC2. The British actress stars in a the film, The Girl, which aims to explore Alfred Hitchcock's fascination with Hedren whom he cast in the iconic 1963 thriller, The Birds. Before filming the biopic, Miller flew to LA to meet with Hedren who is as a consultant on The Girl. According to the Daily Mail, the 82-year-old was worried she wouldn't be portrayed as someone who stood up to Hitchcock's dominance and sexual advances.

"I am thrilled Sienna is playing me. She is terrific for the part. If I have one reservation about the film it is that I worry they will not portray me as as strong a character as I was - and still am. I had to be extremely strong to fight off Mr Hitchcock," said Hedren back in March. "He was so insistent and obsessive but I was an extremely strong young woman and there is no way he was going to get the better of me."

"I admired Hitch tremendously for his great talent and still do," she added. "Yet, at the same time, I loathed him for his off-set behaviour and the way he came on to me sexually...He was a great director - and he destroyed it all by his behaviour when he got me alone. There were so many wonderful films we could have made together but it was all thrown away because of his mindless lust... I was a highly moral girl. I couldn't submit to him no matter that he threatened and did ruin my career."

After playing Marnie in The Birds Hedren refused to work with Hitchcock again. Despite being contracted to him her career did suffer afterwards. In The Girl, the director who passed away in 1980, is portrayed by Toby Jones. The biopic is due to hit screens in September.

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