With the slew of superhero and comic book action in cinema's this year (The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman, Superman; need I go on?) being a geek is cooler than ever.

The term 'geek chic' has far from had its moment - in fact if anything it has evolved into a mixture of high fashion, polished preppy looks and laid back, street style cool. Gone are the days of glasses frames without the glass (hurrah!) these are the days of geeky graphic prints, nerd-worthy symbols, bold bow ties, and bolder colours. There was a time when wearing a jumper emblazoned with the word KA-POW! would ensure dirty looks from the fashion bullies, but now, thanks to the rise of the geek, and with a little help from designer Philip Lim, a motif jumper is a piece of art to be admired.


Like superheroes, geeky celebrities come in all different shapes and styles - there's Alexa Chung and her boyish polished look, Zooey Deschanel and her quirky cute charm, and Doctor Who companion, Karen Gillan, who somehow managed to take sexy geek to the next level in a mini skirt and graphic jumper at Comic-Con a few weeks ago. Infamous blogger and DJ Bip Ling was also spotted looking rather super this week as she attended a pre-Olympic party in a Wolverine coloured mini dress and a pair of heels from Kurt Geiger's 'Supers' collection! Each shoe has its own unique power; these 'Iris' slingbacks give the wearer the ability to "paint the pavement as you fly skyscraper high over the rainbow". Amazing!


With catwalk kings Markus Lupfer and Meadham Kirchhoff parading a whole host of covetable quirky knitwear across the catwalks this year, the trophy sweater is set to be ever bigger come Autumn/Winter, but like Wonder Woman, we can't resist the gimmicky accessorises either. Here are some of our favourite geeky garments to see you through the season.

Zoe Karssen bat t-shirt £55 Net-A-Porter
Iris slingback heels £140 Kurt Geiger
Eris spiked platforms £190 Kurt Geiger
Meadham Kirchhoff heart cardigan £694 Far Fetch
Supergirl aztec pants £4 Topshop
Wonder Woman t-shirt £19.99 Truffle Shuffle
Knockout key chain $4 David & Goliath
Philip Lim 'The Break-Up' sweater £390 Net-A-Porter
Philip Lim KA-POW t-shirt £160 Net-A-Porter