Kate Middleton Photoshop rotten teeth magazine

Rarely have we seen the Duchess of Cambridge not looking 100% perfect, until now. Kate Middleton's face has been splashed all over the cover of a US political magazine, and her teeth photoshopped to make them appear yellow and decaying. The image of the rotting gnashers was used to signify the future of Britain, next to the words 'Something's Rotten. The Last Days of Britain' on the July cover of The New Republic magazine.

Inside the magazine there are several articles which address the state of the United Kingdom's economic and political systems ahead of the London Olympics. The cover and the articles have sparked outrage amongst commentators online.

"Cheap shot. They know she will remain dignified and not say a word, allowing them to "get away with it"," posted one commentator.

While Clarence House has so far kept quiet on the matter, no doubt the Duchess will be less than impressed with the manipulation of her photo. Last year she spent thousands of pounds to have her teeth transformed by French dentist Didier Fillon. They were polished and turned out slightly to help her achieve that perfect dazzling smile. 

Tell us your thoughts on the cover. Was it poor form for the editors to target the Duchess of Cambridge in this manner or not? Share your views with us in the comments.