Natasha Poly August 2012 Vogue Russia Photoshop

I don't know about you but I have had just about enough of magazines and their crazy Photoshopping ways lately. First it started with this awful cover of Kate Middleton and her awful rotting teeth. Then, just this week, I blogged about a second cover of the Duchess this time for Marie Claire South Africa. Only she didn't actually pose for the August cover, instead her head and hands were digitally altered to fit on someone else's body wearing an outfit she'd never even worn before. Erm, weird much?

Now it is Vogue Russia which may or may not have done quite a bit of airbrushing on their latest cover. Fashion blogs are in a tizzy today over what seems to be Natasha Poly's missing elbow on the August issue of the glossy rag. Now, either her elbow is arched so far back it became out of shot somehow, or the 27-year-old model has started to grow a hand out of her left ear. OR... and this is most likely what happened, the folks over at Vogue Russia have been busy playing Photoshop dictator and have made a blunder by cropping out her right elbow.

Adam Levine Vogue Russia Photoshop

I am sorry to say that it wouldn't be the first time Vogue Russia have overdone it on the re-touching front. For its November 2011 issue, half of Adam Levine's torso seemed to magically disappear in a photo shoot with his then-girlfriend Victoria's Secret Angel Anne Vyalitsyna. Instead there was a big empty space in the gap where the Maroon 5 frontman's waist and ribs should have been. Naughty, naughty!

Annoying? Yes. Unnecessary? Most definitely. Time to lift your game magazine peeps!